Class Date Topic Due
1M 02/12 Introduction (notes, in-class) Intro Form
1W 02/14 Logic (notes, in-class) ET 1W
1F 02/16 Sets (notes, in-class) ET 1F, Problem Set 1
2M 02/19 Quantifiers (notes, in-class) ET 2M, PS1 Feedback PR
2W 02/21 Deduction (notes, in-class) ET 2W
2F 02/23 Direct Proofs (notes, in-class) ET 2F, Problem Set 2
3M 02/26 Indirect Proofs ET 3M, PS2 Feedback PR
3W 02/28 Induction ET 3W
3F 03/01 More Induction ET 3F, Problem Set 3
4M 03/04 Strong Induction ET 4M, PS3 Feedback PR
4W 03/06 Linear Algebra ET 4W
4F 03/08 Application: Lighting ET 4F, Problem Set 4
5M 03/11 Graphs ET 5M, PS4 Feedback PR
5W 03/13 Midterm 1
5F 03/15 Finite State Machines ET 5F
Spring Break
6M 03/25 Trees ET 6M
6W 03/27 Graph Searching ET 6W
6F 03/29 Graph Coloring ET 6F, Problem Set 5
7M 04/01 Relations ET 7M, PS5 Feedback PR
7W 04/03 Functions ET 7W
7F 04/05 Counting Rules ET 7F, Problem Set 6
8M 04/08 Combinations and Permutations ET 8M, PS6 Feedback PR
8W 04/10 Summations ET 8W
8F 04/12 Asymptotics ET 8F, Problem Set 7
9M 04/15 Application: Voronoi Diagrams ET 9M, PS7 Feedback PR
9W 04/17 Midterm 2
9F 04/19 Spring Student Symposium (no class)
10M 04/22 Recurrences Introduction ET 10M
10W 04/24 Linear Recurrences ET 10W
10F 04/26 Divide and Conquer Recurrences ET 10F, Problem Set 8
11M 04/29 Application: Nearest Neighbors ET 11M, PS8 Feedback PR
11W 05/01 Probability Introduction ET 11W
11F 05/03 Conditional Probability ET 11F, Problem Set 9
12M 05/06 Probability Practice ET 12M, PS 9 Feedback PR
12W 05/08 Random Variables ET 12W
12F 05/10 Applications Problem Set 10
13M 05/13 Reflection PS10 Feedback PR, Applications Project
13 TBD Final Exam